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We are the largest Brazilian South American Sexy jeans Store in the USA with unique styles.

We are based in New York City at 35 west 125th Street (next to former president Bill Clinton Office) and are also the proud owners of, and

Our main focus is Brazilian South American Jeans that Compliment your shape-wether you have butt or would like your butt to look better in your jeans, our jeans will look good on you.

Our team researches, design, identifies and selects the best fitting jeans, often by the yolk, the pockets, the inseam,cut and material. All of our prices are set, based on fit, workmanship and material. They are mainly exclusive design.

If you wish to sign up for our promotional offers, please do so. We often offer discounts on shipping, as well as free items, including jeans.

You may also call 212 369 1979 with questions.


Jeans That Fit:
How to Find Them.

We all own jeans and they truly are the main ingredient of any casual wardrobe. However, they are not all equal or equally flattering. We are not all born with the same shape, so, the style we wear will impact the way we look. Have you ever seen an outfit on one of your friends that looked spectacular but when someone else wore that same outfit it lost its.